Aadhaar Card OCR API

Verify information quickly and accurately with Aadhaar Card OCR API. Extracts data from image and auto-fills fields for seamless onboarding.

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How does Aadhaar Card OCR help in a better customer onboarding experience?

It makes it hassle-free for your customers to verify their Aadhaar details just by uploading an image of their Aadhaar card. At the same time, our Aadhaar OCR API takes care of the rest. Also, aadhaar card OCR allows you to verify onboarded users by cross-checking the extracted details with the pre-inputted information like name, date of birth, and gender so that you do not have to worry about identity fraud or document forgery. An Aadhaar card is widely and acceptably used as proof of identity for Indian Users.

Benefits of Verifying with Our Aadhaar OCR API

Minimise costs

Cut back on costs associated with manual entry and fixing errors in back-end operations.

Quick One-time Integration

Our API easily integrates with your existing workflows and processes within an hour.

Faster Customer Onboarding

Real-time data extraction leads to instant onboarding service and a better experience.


We provide clear and concise documentation to help you get started immediately, and our support team is always available to answer any questions.

Prevent human errors

Automated form filling eliminates errors caused by manual methods, so you can rest assured that your information is accurate.

Prevent Fraud

Identity fraud is a genuine problem that can affect any institution. Aadhaar OCR APIs can help these institutions by saving them from potential fraudsters.

Scalable and Secure

A robust API integrates with your systems to automate verification. Get a response without exposing data to a third party.

FAQ: Aadhar Card OCR

The Aadhar OCR API is an essential tool for enterprises needing to authenticate identity cards quickly and accurately. By extracting data from a card photo, the Aadhar OCR API can provide record-breaking accuracy and speed, making it a crucial part of any authentication process.

The data is then checked to make sure it meets government standards. If it does, a validation statement is provided and can be used as identity-proof documents and proof of address.

Our Aadhar card OCR is an AI-based OCR that can extract data from aaadhar card image in seconds. It is trained on a million datasets to fill in the fields instantly.

Yes, our OCR, like any other OCR, is prone to errors, but those errors are less than 0.01 percent because our AI-based OCR has been trained on a data set of over a million IDs.

It can help in KYC documents by quickly and accurately verifying the identity of customers or users of India. The API extracts information from the id card and stores it in the correct fields for an errorless form-filling experience. This helps to ensure that the customer or user is who they claim to be and can help to prevent fraud and other malicious activities. 

The Aadhaar Card OCR API takes scanned images or raw images of an aadhaar card as an input parameter. The API then obtains data from the image, like name, aadhaar number,  name, date of birth, father’s name, etc., and stores it in the correct fields for errorless form-filling.

It can be integrated with any language that supports web services, such as Java, Python, PHP, Node.js, etc. It’s a one-time process and end-to-end secure, and you will get response information in JSON format. 

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