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Aadhaar Card OCR API

Ensure Data Accuracy with our Aadhaar Card OCR API - Reliable Information Extraction for Secure Onboarding

Aadhaar Card OCR API extract information from Aadhaar card images, such as name, date of birth, Aadhaar number, and gender. It eliminates the need for manual data entry ensures quick and accurate processing of Aadhaar cards.


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What is the Aadhaar Card OCR?

Aadhaar Card OCR utilizes optical character recognition (OCR) technology to extract information from Aadhaar card images with speed and accuracy. It eliminates the need for manual data entry by quickly scanning and interpreting details such as name, date of birth, Aadhaar number, gender, address, and more from the uploaded images. By automating the extraction process, it streamlines the verification process and reduces the chances of errors that may occur during manual entry.

Businesses can leverage Aadhaar Card OCR API to enhance their customer onboarding process, making it seamless and error-free. Customers can simply upload an image of their Aadhaar card, and the Aadhaar Card OCR API will automatically fill in the required fields, saving time and ensuring accuracy. With Aadhaar Card OCR, organizations can make the verification process hassle-free for their customers and improve the overall efficiency of their operations.

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Key Benefits of Aadhaar Card OCR API

Efficient Data Extraction

Extracts data from Aadhaar cards instantly and accurately, saving time and effort in manual data entry.

Errorless Form-Filling Experience

The extracted data is auto-filled in the right fields, ensuring a quicker and error-free form-filling experience for users.

Hassle-Free Verification

Customers can verify their Aadhaar card details by simply uploading its image, while the API takes care of the rest, making the verification process hassle-free.

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How does the Aadhaar Card OCR API work?


Sign Up and Obtain API Key

To integrate Aadhaar Card OCR, start by signing up on Deepvue platform to obtain an API key. This key will authenticate your requests and allow you to make successfull api call.


Upload Aadhaar Card Images

In your application's interface, provide a feature for users to upload images of their Aadhaar cards. This can be done through a file upload button or any other user-friendly method for image submission.


Integrate Aadhaar Card OCR API

Utilize the Aadhaar OCR API to extract data from the uploaded Aadhaar card images. Once the API processes the images, it will automatically fill in the relevant fields with accurate information such as name, Aadhaar number, date of birth, and gender.


Verify Extracted Data

After the data extraction process is complete, display the extracted information to the user for verification or use our aadhaar verification api. This step ensure accuracy of extrated data from the Aadhaar card images.


Complete Integration

Finish the integration by testing the functionality of the Aadhaar Card OCR in your application. Ensure that the data extraction process is seamless and error-free, providing a hassle-free onboarding experience for your users.

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Key Features of Aadhaar Card OCR API

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Integration Flexibility

The Aadhaar Card OCR API can be easily integrated into various applications, empowering them to capture and interpret information from Aadhaar cards accurately.

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Real-time Data Extraction

Aadhaar Card OCR enables real-time data extraction, allowing businesses to access and utilize customer information instantly.

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Security and Privacy

Aadhaar Card OCR takes data security and privacy seriously. It follows stringent security measures to protect user information, ensuring that sensitive Aadhaar card data remains confidential.

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Multilingual Support

The OCR technology used in Aadhaar Card OCR supports multiple languages, making it versatile and suitable for diverse user groups across the country.

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Easily Scalable

Aadhaar Card OCR is designed to handle a large volume of Aadhaar card images, making it easy to scale as your business grows. It can efficiently process a significant number of images without compromising performance.

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API Documentation

The Aadhaar Card OCR provides comprehensive documentation and support, making it easy for developers to integrate the API. The documentation includes step-by-step instructions, sample codes, and troubleshooting information.

Where can you use Aadhaar Card OCR ?


Financial Services

Companies in the financial sector can use Aadhaar OCR to quickly and accurately verify customer identity and extract relevant information for KYC processes.



Online retailers can streamline their customer onboarding process by using Aadhaar OCR to auto-fill customer details from Aadhaar cards, making it easier for customers to register and make purchases.


Government Services

Government agencies can use Aadhaar OCR to efficiently verify the identity of citizens for various services and benefits.



Healthcare providers can use Aadhaar OCR to accurately capture patient information and streamline the registration process, reducing errors and saving time.



Educational institutions can use Aadhaar OCR for student registration, attendance tracking, and other administrative tasks that require accurate data extraction from Aadhaar cards.

Overall, the Aadhaar Card OCR API can benefit industries across the board by simplifying data extraction processes, improving accuracy, and enhancing overall efficiency.

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Got Questions ?

Frequently Asked Questions About Aadhaar Card OCR API

Aadhaar Card OCR API works by scanning an image of an Aadhaar card and using OCR technology to extract specific data fields, which are then automatically filled into the appropriate form fields for a seamless onboarding experience.

The primary benefit of using Aadhaar Card OCR is the speed and accuracy it offers in extracting and filling data from Aadhaar cards, making the verification process quick and error-free for customers.

Aadhaar Card OCR technology provides up to 99% accuracy in extracting data from Aadhaar cards, ensuring reliable results within seconds.

Yes, businesses can easily integrate Aadhaar Card OCR into their applications to enhance the customer onboarding process and streamline data verification.

Yes, Aadhaar Card OCR API is secure and ensures the confidentiality of the extracted data from Aadhaar cards.

Yes, Aadhaar Card OCR API can be used for KYC verification processes to simplify and expedite identity verification using Aadhaar card details.

Yes, Aadhaar Card OCR is user-friendly as it offers a quick and easy way for customers to verify their Aadhaar card details by simply uploading an image of their card.

Industries such as financial services, software development, IT services, and consulting can benefit from Aadhaar Card OCR to streamline customer onboarding and data verification processes.

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