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IFSC Validation API

Ensuring Secure Money Transfers: Simplifying IFSC Code Verification with Deepvue

The IFSC Code Validation API allows businesses to verify the authenticity of an IFSC code for a bank branch, ensuring accurate transactions before making any payments. It provides details such as bank name, branch name, branch location, supported transfer modes, address, MICR code, bank codes, etc for the given IFSC code.


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What is the IFSC Validation API?

The IFSC Validation API allows businesses and individuals to verify the IFSC code of a bank branch. The Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) is a unique code assigned to each bank branch in India and is used for online transactions. By using the IFSC Validation API, users can search for bank and branch details associated with a given IFSC code. This includes information such as the bank name, branch location, MICR code, bank codes and supported modes of transfer.

The IFSC Code Verification API provides real-time data sourced from partner banks, ensuring that the information is up-to-date and accurate. It covers all public and private sector banks, as well as payment banks in India. Users can seamlessly integrate the API into their web portals, mobile sites, and applications, making validating IFSC branch codes within their applications easy. This service offered by the Deepvue IFSC Validation API is essential for individuals and businesses who need to verify bank details for online transactions and financial operations.

Diagram showing an IFSC code verification process. An input field for the IFSC code leads to an API, which verifies the code and confirms it with an IFSC Verified message.

Key Benefits of IFSC Verification API

Enhanced Security

Ensure safe and secure transfer of funds by validating the correct bank and branch details.

Error Elimination

Minimise the chance of errors and reject invalid transactions for a smoother fund transfer process.

Real-Time Validation

Retrieve bank and branch details in real-time for accurate transaction processing.

Use Before Payment

Test the API before making any payments to ensure its reliability.

Quick Set-Up

Zero set-up fee and fast account access allow businesses to go live in just 1 hour.

Reliable Support

24x7 engineering support ensures assistance whenever needed.

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How does the IFSC Code Validation API work?


Sign up with Deepvue

To integrate the IFSC Validation API, first sign up with Deepvue here. This will give you access to the API and all the necessary documentation.


Obtain API Key

After signing up, obtain your API key from Deepvue dashboard. This key will be used to authenticate your requests to the API.


Integrate API into your System

Using the API documentation provided by Deepvue, integrate the IFSC Validation API into your existing system. This may involve making HTTP API requests to the API endpoints.


Test the Integration

Once the API is integrated into your system, test it thoroughly to ensure that it is working correctly. You can use the postman or dashboard provided by Deepvue.tech for testing purposes.


Go Live

After successful request and testing, you can go live with the integrated IFSC Validation API. Ensure that your system is now capable of validating IFSC codes and retrieving bank details in real-time.


Get Support

If you encounter any issues during the integration process or while using the API, reach out to Deepvue 24x7 engineering support for assistance.

Sign-up Now, and go live in 1 hour!

Key Features of IFSC Validation API

Rectangular red button with a raised, darker red power icon in the center, surrounded by a textured red border.

Real-time data

Provides real-time information on bank and branch details, ensuring up-to-date data for verification.

Blue rectangular icon with three diagonal white lines, enclosed within a dotted border.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate the IFSC Validation API into existing systems or applications for streamlined verification processes.

Green gradient background framed with a subtle glowing green border, empty center for text or graphics.

High Availability

Enjoy 99.9% uptime for uninterrupted access to the API.

Use Cases of IFSC Verification API: Impact across Industries and Categories


Banking Industry

The IFSC Code Verification API is crucial for banks to ensure accurate and secure fund transfers between bank branches. It helps in verifying the authenticity of the bank branch details provided by customers before initiating transactions.


E-commerce Industry

E-commerce platforms often deal with financial transactions and payments. By using the IFSC Verification API, they can verify the IFSC code of the customer's bank branch to ensure that the payment is being directed to the correct account.


Financial Services

Companies offering financial services such as money transfer, online payments, and bill payments can benefit from the IFSC Code Verification API to validate the IFSC code provided by customers and transaction failures.


Government Agencies

Government agencies that handle online transactions and payments, such as tax payments, utility bill payments, and subsidies, can use the IFSC Validation API to verify the IFSC codes of bank branches for secure and accurate transactions.


Fintech Startups

Fintech companies that provide digital payment solutions, peer-to-peer lending, and other financial services can integrate the IFSC Verification API to ensure the accuracy of bank branch details and enhance the security of their transactions.

Overall, the IFSC Validation API has a wide range of applications across various industries and categories where secure and accurate fund transfers are essential.

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Got Questions ?

FAQs on IFSC code validation API

IFSC validation API is a service by Deepvue that allows businesses and individuals to verify the accuracy of IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) codes assigned to  Indian banks. This verification is crucial for ensuring secure and error-free electronic fund transfers.

IFSC validation API works by allowing users to input an IFSC code, which is then validated against the database maintained by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The API provides information such as the bank’s name, branch MICR code, address, and supported modes of transfer.

Yes, IFSC validation API ensures the security of electronic fund transfers by verifying the authenticity of bank accounts and branches, reducing the risk of errors and fraudulent transactions.

The IFSC validation API fetches data in realtime from the source institute ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Deepvue offers a free sign-up option for accessing the IFSC validation API, with affordable pricing plans for continued use of the service.

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