Indian Bank Cheque OCR API

Bank Cheque OCR API can quickly and accurately capture the details of a cheque, such as an account holder’s name, account number, bank name, IFSC code, MICR code, date of issue, etc.

Bank Cheque OCR is an efficient way to process large volumes of cheques quickly and accurately without any manual intervention



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What is Bank Cheque OCR API?

Manually typing in or verifying bank details like the account number, IFSC and account holder name is slow and cumbersome.’s Bank Cheque OCR API lets you do it in a blink of an eye and enables your Operations with instant Bank Check Digitization.

When paired with’s Bank Account Verification API, businesses can make their customers’ onboarding journey quick and seamless, by onboarding customers using just their cancelled cheque – will handle both digitization and verification of bank account details via a penny drop.

When is a Cancelled Bank Cheque really required?

Insurance Policy

Businesses in Insurance Services & Insurtech need cancelled cheques from their customers during purchase of an insurance policy or during claims settlement.

Legal Services

For businesses providing online Legal Services during new business incorporation, apart from Identity Documents current bank account cheque holds the utmost value as Bank Proof.

Merchant(or Shop) KYC

Cancelled Bank Check is one of the required documents as Current Account Proof during Business KYC for Aggregator Businesses and Retail Tech.

Mutual Funds and Investments

Businesses in mutual funds or the stock market, need Cancelled Cheque or Bank Statement as Bank Proof to open a Demat account. The companies would want customers to submit a cancelled cheque to open the account to verify if the bank account associated with the investment is yours in reality. The requirement of the cancelled cheque is in accordance with the Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines.

Key Features

Scan's Bank Cheque OCR API extracts information from raw bank cheques or cancelled cheques by simply scanning the document or uploading a picture of it. Results are generated near real-time.


Our pre-built Document AI detects the presence of bank cheque in the wild. Skewness, rotations and background noise are automatically handled.


With the help of our Deep Learning based OCR engine, Bank Cheque OCR API extracts relevant information as key-value pairs.


Data points like Account Number and IFSC can optionally be verified with Bank Account Verification API as well as can directly be used to automate form filling, report generation and swifter customer service.


Reduce TAT

Minimize time spent in manual form-filling and verification.

Prevent Human Errors

Automated form-filling eliminates errors caused by manual entry of data.

Minimise Costs

Reduce back-end operations costs of manual entry and error-fixing.