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Passport Verification API

Improving Security and Efficiency with Seamless User Experience using Passport Verification API.

Passport Verification API allows businesses to authenticate and verify an individual’s passport details quickly and accurately, enhancing security and trust in identity verification processes.


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What is the Passport Verification API?

The Passport Verification API provides access to comprehensive passport details such as the passport holder’s name, number, and visa information; businesses can verify an individual’s identity quickly and accurately. This API is designed for fast and real-time verification processes, ensuring companies can streamline operations and enhance security measures. With its user-friendly integration and custom integration capabilities, the Passport Verification API is a versatile solution that can be easily implemented across various platforms and systems.

Furthermore, the Passport Verification API prioritises data security, ensuring that sensitive information is protected and compliant with industry standards. Businesses can trust that their data is secure while using this API to verify passport details. By leveraging advanced technologies like AI and machine learning, the Passport Verification API offers a reliable and efficient solution for businesses looking to enhance their identity verification processes. With its speed, accuracy, and security features, the Passport Number Verification API poised to play a crucial role in preventing fraud and ensuring trust in the verification process.

A diagram showing passport verification process via an API. Input field on the left, API in the center, and a "Passport Verified" confirmation on the right.

Key Benefits of Passport Verification API

Improved Efficiency

With real-time and accurate results, businesses can streamline their verification processes, saving time and resources.

Comprehensive Data Access

Businesses have access to a wide range of passport details, allowing for thorough verification of an individual's identity.

Cost Efficiency

The Passport Number Verification API is a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes, offering scalable pricing options.

Fraud Prevention

The API helps businesses prevent fraud by easily detecting fake passport holders.


The API helps businesses comply with regulatory requirements by verifying passport details effectively.

User Experience

The API enhances the user experience by providing fast and efficient passport verification services, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

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How does the Passport Verification API work?


Data Input

User input the passport number or upload the image of the password into the Passport Verification API enable field.


Data Retrieval

The API retrieves the passport details from the scanned image of the passport uploaded by the user.


Information Processing

The API uses AI-based OCR technology to extract relevant information such as the passport holder's name, passport number, and visa details.


Verification Process

The extracted information is cross-checked with the database of the Passport department, airport authorities to verify the authenticity of the passport.


Instant Results

Businesses receive real-time and accurate results, enabling them to make informed decisions based on the verified passport information.


Secure Integration

The Passport Verification API is securely integrated into the business's existing systems, ensuring data privacy and compliance with industry standards.

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Key Features of Passport Verification API

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Comprehensive Data Access

The Passport Verification API provides access to a wide range of passport details, including the passport holder's name, passport number, visa information, and more.

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Fast and Accurate Verification

With this API, the verification process is lightning fast. Businesses can instantly verify an individual's passport details, enhancing the efficiency of their operations while maintaining the highest level of accuracy.

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Data security is a top priority. Deepvue API ensures that the Passport Verification API is secure and compliant with industry standards, guaranteeing the protection of sensitive data.

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Plug and Play Integration

The Passport Verification API is straightforward and integration is effortless. We provide simple and user-friendly documentation for seamless integration.

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Time and Cost Efficiency

Compared to manual offline methods, the online Passport Verification API saves time and effort for users, offering a convenient and efficient solution for passport verification.

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Easy Integration

The API is designed for seamless integration into various platforms and systems, making it accessible and user-friendly.

Use cases of Passport Verification API


Banking and Finance

Banks and financial institutions can use the Passport Number Verification API for customer onboarding, KYC compliance, and fraud prevention.



Airlines and transportation companies can verify passengers' passports for international travel, ensuring compliance with immigration regulations.



Hotels and resorts can use the API for guest check-in processes, ensuring the identity of guests and maintaining a secure environment.



Healthcare providers can verify patients' passports for insurance purposes and to ensure accurate patient information.


Foreign Travel Agencies

Travel agencies that specialise in international travel can use the API to verify the passports of clients for visa applications and travel arrangements.


Foreign Visa Providers

Companies that provide visa processing services can utilise the API for checking authenticity of passports before submitting visa applications to embassies and consulates.

Overall, the Passport Verification API can benefit industries that require identity verification, compliance with regulations, and enhanced security measures.

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FAQs on Passport Verification API

The Passport Verification API helps enterprises authenticate the passport of any individual with the highest accuracy in record time. The user uploads the passport image then our AI-based OCR is used to extract the information from the scanned image, which is then sent back to the system for verification from issuing authorities.

The API offers comprehensive data access, including details such as the passport holder’s name, passport number, visa information, and more, ensuring businesses have all the necessary information to verify an individual’s identity effectively.

The verification process is lightning fast (within a second) with the API, allowing businesses to instantly verify an individual’s passport details with the highest level of accuracy, enhancing operational efficiency.

Data security is a top priority of Deepvue, ensuring that the system is secure and compliant with industry standards to protect sensitive information.

Yes, the API can easily detect any fraudulent attempts or tampering with passport information, helping businesses prevent fraud and maintain security.

By automating verification with real-time and accurate results, the API helps businesses ensure trust, mitigate risks, and provide a seamless user experience.

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