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Driving License OCR API

Streamline Your Customer Onboarding Process with Driving License OCR API

The Driving License OCR API allows businesses for quick and accurate extraction of data from driver’s licence cards. It helps prevent fraud, eliminates human errors, and speeds up the onboarding process for various institutions.


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What is the Driving License OCR API?

The Driving License Optical character recognition (OCR) API offered by Deepvue is powerful and enables businesses to quickly and accurately extract data from driver’s licence images. By using advanced OCR technology, the API can scan for fields like full name, address, gender, and date of issue from the uploaded document. This data extraction process is not only efficient but also eliminates the possibility of human errors that may occur during manual data entry. Additionally, the API can be integrated seamlessly into various onboarding processes, such as bank account opening, lending journeys, insurance journeys, and more, to verify customer identities and prevent fraud.

The DL OCR API provides numerous benefits for businesses, including the prevention of identity fraud, elimination of data entry errors, and faster onboarding processes. With real-time data extraction capabilities, businesses can onboard customers instantly and provide efficient services. By automating the extraction and validation of data from driver’s licence images, the API streamlines operations and reduces operational costs. Ultimately, the Driving License OCR API helps businesses comply with KYC and AML regulations, detect fraudulent attempts, and ensure the security of personal information through features like selfie verification and liveness checks.

Image of an Indian state driver's license with various personal details and a scanning process depicted below it, showing text extraction with checkmarks indicating successful data reading.

Key Benefits of Driving License OCR API

Prevent Fraud

The Driving License OCR API helps institutions prevent identity frauds by accurately authenticating individuals' identity cards.

Eliminate Human Errors

By automating data extraction and form filling, the API removes data entry errors that can occur through manual entry.

Reduce Operational Costs

Leveraging the technology of the Driving License extract can help reduce operational costs associated with manual document processing.

Increase Efficiency

By streamlining the document processing with OCR technology, organisations can process large volumes of documents faster.

Enhance Customer Onboarding

The API facilitates seamless and instant onboarding individuals by allowing customers to pre-fill their onboarding forms with their driving licence details.

Boost Customer Experience

By providing a smooth and efficient onboarding process, the API can enhance the overall customer experience, turnaround time and satisfaction.

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How does the Driving License OCR API work?


User uploads a photo of their driver's licence

The user will upload a clear photo of their driver's licence into the system.


OCR technology extracts data

The OCR technology within the API will scan the image and extract important data fields such as full name, address, gender, and date of issue.


Data validation

The extracted data is then validated against government databases to ensure accuracy and authenticity.


Instant results

The API will provide 99% accurate results within a few seconds, displaying the extracted data on the screen for verification.


Seamless onboarding process

By using the extracted data, users can be quickly boarded onto your platform, streamlining the proof of identity and registration process.


Provide Consent

Ask your users (Aadhaar holder) to provide their consent to proceed with the verification process.

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Key Features of Driving License OCR API

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99% Accuracy Rate

The API provides 99% accurate results within a few seconds, reducing errors and manual processes.

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Simplify Integration

Integrating the Driving License OCR API via API or SDK is effortless, allowing organisations to stay at the forefront of document processing.

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Secure Data Handling

The API ensures the protection of personal information through instant data anonymization and secure verification processes.

Use cases of Driving License OCR API across various industries and categories include



Driving License OCR API can be used for bank account opening, verifying customer identities during the account opening process.



In lending journeys, the API can be used to verify the identity of borrowers, ensuring that loans are provided to legitimate individuals.


Real Money Gaming

For real money gaming withdrawals, the API can help in verifying the identity of players before processing withdrawals.


Employee Onboarding

Driving License extract can be used in employee onboarding processes to verify the identity of new hires.



In insurance journeys, the API can help in verifying the identity of policyholders and beneficiaries.


Delivery Services

For delivery executive onboarding, the API can be used to verify the driving licence details of new delivery personnel.


Government Services

Driving License extract can also be used in various government services for identity verification purposes or as identity proof.

Overall, the API can be applied in any industry or category where verifying the identity of individuals using their driving licence is necessary for onboarding or service provision.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Driving License OCR API

The DL OCR API is a robust system that allows enterprises to authenticate an individual’s identity card with high accuracy by extracting data from a driver’s license photo.

The user uploads a photo of their driver’s license, which is then processed through an AI system to extract the data from the document.

Using the Driving License OCR API can help prevent identity fraud, eliminate data entry errors, and enable faster onboarding of customers or users.

The Driving License OCR API can help institutions prevent fraud, reduce human errors, and onboard customers or users faster through real-time data extraction.

Yes, the Driving License OCR API can assist in verifying customer identities by extracting and validating data from a driver’s license photo.

By enabling users to pre-fill onboarding forms instantly with their driver’s license information, the Driving License OCR API streamlines the onboarding journey and makes it more efficient.

Deepvue Driver’s License OCR API is known for its efficiency, precision, and ease of use in extracting data from driver’s licences, providing 99% accurate results within seconds.

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