GST Verification API

Our GST Verification API is a secure and reliable way to verify GSTIN numbers in bulk. Use our API to quickly and easily check the validity of GST numbers, as well as get information about the registered taxpayer.

DeepvueTech’s API is easy to integrate with your existing systems and offers a wide range of features.

Integrate our GST Verification API today to protect your business from fraud!

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What is GST Verification API?

A GST Verification API is a web-based API that is used to check the validity of GSTIN numbers (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) in bulk. This API gives you information about the registered taxpayer, such as their name, address, and business activity.

The GST Verification API is a secure and reliable way to verify GST numbers. If you are looking for a way to prevent frauds and onboard legitimate businesses only, then GST Verification API is a valuable tool to use.

How does GSTIN verification API work?

Our GST validation API works in 3 simple steps.
1. Upload GST Certerficate or Enter GST Number

You can upload an image or simply input the user's GST number and make straightforward requests using our API.

2. Data Extraction & Verification

Our system automatically extracts and verifies all the data of the company associated with the GSTIN Number and return GST Details from the GST portal.

3. Receive JSON Response

You will receive a JSON format response containing extracted data recorded in the right field.

If you are a developer, explore how you can easily integrate our API

Verify your GSTIN in seconds!

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Complete Business Verification Suite

Activate GSTIN validation API along with our complete business verification suite to ensure all your transactions are verified and risk-free!

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Access Deepvue’s PAN API For

Prevent Fraud

Data points like Name, DOB, and PAN Number are verified through PAN Verification API with IT and government databases, making it fraud-proof.

Regulatory Compliant

Our services are fully compliant with all KYC, AML, NSDL, and other regulatory requirements.

Accurate Data

The outcomes of our system are accurate and legitimate because they are derived from the govt department's databases.

Go Paperless

Going digital eliminates the requirement for any physical document, thereby decreasing paper usage and helping to save trees.

A modern and easy to use API platform

Where to use GST number verification API?

Explore the wide variety of industries where you can use our API for GST number verification.

Financial Services & Fintechs


NBFCs & Lending Businesses

Neo Banks

Payment Solutions

Frequently asked questions

You can check the validity of the GSTIN number and can also verify all the other data of company such as legal name, trade name, nature of business, registered address, gstin status etc. associated with GSTIN Number.

There are 3 types of GST verification APIs:
1. GST Basic Verification API: You can use GSTIN Basic Verification to search and verify a GST Number.
2. Search GSTIN By PAN API: You can search GST Numbers from a business PAN Number and get all the GST Numbers linked to a business.
3. Track GST Returns Status API: You can track status of filed GST Returns before onboarding or underwriting a business to perform quick compliance check.

Our GST details API works in a blink of an eye and provides accurate details by using the government’s database.

Using our API you can get detailed summaries of GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B returns for the authenticated taxpayer for a particular year and month.

You can get all the details of Cash Ledger, ITC Ledger and Cash ITC Balance for a given time period. Once taxpayer authentication is done, our API take in GSTIN Number and the time period(from and to) for which you want to retrieve the details.

Our AI can be integrated with any language that supports web services, such as Java, Python, PHP, Node.js, etc. It’s a one-time process and end-to-end secure, and you will get response information in JSON format.

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