Aadhaar Masking API

The Aadhaar masking API is a powerful tool that allows businesses to safeguard sensitive Aadhaar card information by masking certain digits while still retaining its validity and integrity. With With flexible integration options and automatic data masking capabilities, businesses can comply with UIDAI data privacy regulations, ensure the security of Aadhaar data and build trust with their customers.

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Protecting identity information on Aadhaar Card is crucial.

The Aadhaar Card, a 12-digit unique identifier, is an essential proof of identity for Indian citizens. The card streamlines various governmental and financial services, making it integral to daily life in India. However, with identity theft rising, safeguarding Aadhaar information becomes critical. Personal details linked to Aadhaar cards are sensitive; hence, masking regulations are in place to ensure their confidentiality.

Aadhaar masking APIs are pivotal in adhering to these privacy regulations, preventing unauthorised exposure of Aadhaar numbers during the Verification or Know Your Customer (KYC) processes utilised by banking, insurance companies, and other financial entities. This masking process, enforced by Indian regulations, entails either obscuring the entire Aadhaar number or masking the first 8 digits, according to the degree of security necessitated for specific operations.

Protecting customer privacy is not just a matter of regulatory compliance but a cornerstone in maintaining trust in digital transactions. By utilizing APIs for one-time, trouble-free integration into downstream systems, organizations can efficiently secure sensitive data, fortify their onboarding process, and assuage customers’ concerns over data misuse, ensuring a high success rate for identity verification projects.

Key Benefits of Aadhaar Masking API

Automated Accuracy

With AI-powered precision, it dramatically reduces the chance of human error associated with manual masking processes.

Enhanced Security

By masking the Aadhaar number and QR code, it diminishes the likelihood of data breaches and identity theft.

Cost Reduction

Streamlining the document handling process translates to lower operational costs by saving valuable time and resources.

Operational Efficiency

The automation speeds up the onboarding and KYC processes by handling bulk operations, capable of masking over 100,000 documents efficiently and in compliance with legal requirements.

Customer Trust

When a company takes visible steps to protect customer data, it builds trust. Customers will likely stay loyal to companies committed to handling their personal information responsibly.

Regulatory Compliance

Aadhaar Masking APIs are instrumental in avoiding punitive measures and the legal troubles that can arise from non-compliance.

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How the masking process works and ensures secure data transfer?

The Aadhaar Masking API functions as a gatekeeper, ensuring that sensitive Aadhaar details are selectively obscured, reinforcing customer trust and compliance with data protection laws. The process is deceptively simple: as documents are uploaded to a system, the API automatically conceals the first eight digits of any Aadhaar number it detects. What remains visible are the last four digits—enough for validation purposes but insufficient for compromising personal identity.

Integration of the API with client applications is seamless and fortified with stringent security measures, capable of accommodating every Aadhaar card format without retaining any of the masked information—a critical component for secure data transfer.

This impeccable fusion of convenience and security is achieved through:

  • Automation of the masking process, allowing for immediate concealment upon document submission.
  • Support for bulk processing, which accelerates onboarding exponentially.

Additionally, the Aadhaar Masking API travels extra miles in safeguarding data by encrypting the numbers during their journey through cyberspace, ensuring no vulnerability is left unchecked.

Key Features


Real-time Masking

Instantly masks Aadhaar details as documents are uploaded.

Comprehensive Format Support

PDFs and images are processed with equal adeptness.

Data Encryption

Aadhaar numbers are encrypted to bolster data transfer security.

Regulatory Compliance

Aligns with India’s stringent privacy regulations.

Non-retentive System

Ensures no permanent storage of sensitive data.

With such a process in place, entities that deal with Aadhaar data can confidently fulfill their operational objectives while adhering to the highest standards of privacy and regulatory requirement.

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Implementation of Masking API

Ensuring that sensitive Aadhaar card details are not exposed during the verification or onboarding processes is a critical concern for industries like banking, non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), and insurance. The Aadhaar Masking API addresses this concern head-on by providing a streamlined and regulatory-compliant solution. It is designed with powerful artificial intelligence that reliably identifies, extracts, and then validates Aadhaar details before efficiently masking them out.

This sophisticated AI-powered tool can handle even the most complex digitization needs. For instance, it effortlessly processes multi-page PDF application forms and extensive zip folders containing numerous Aadhaar cards. It does so through an automated scanning and masking system that secures large volumes of sensitive data swiftly and accurately.

When an Aadhaar card is processed through this Masking API, the first eight digits of the Aadhaar number are replaced by Xs or another suitable placeholder. Consequently, the resulting ‘masked’ Aadhaar number safeguards customer identity by revealing only the last four digits. This practice offers a crucial balance—maintaining privacy while still providing enough information for partial verification purposes.

Designed for high scalability, the Masking API merges easily with current systems to automate Aadhaar data redaction. It is capable of managing a wide array of document formats within the document ecosystem of a company, ensuring adaptability across different sectors’ unique requirements.




Easily handles large volumes of data processing.

Format Versatility

Works with JPG, PNG, PDF, and TIFF files.


Tailored to industry-specific needs.


Ensures adherence to regulatory mandates.


Reduces the need for manual data masking.

This solution’s versatility and effectiveness make it a must-have for companies seeking to meet the ever-stringent regulatory mandates while ensuring a high level of customer data protection.

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Take a look at our FAQs below and get answers.

What is Aadhaar masking API?

Aadhaar masking API is a solution that automatically masks Aadhaar data in real-time at the point of document capture or in batch processing mode for large volumes of documents.

Aadhaar masking API works by detecting Aadhaar data in various document formats, such as JPG, PNG, PDF, and TIFF, and automatically masking it to protect privacy and security.

Yes, Aadhaar masking API can be easily integrated with existing systems using REST APIs, allowing for seamless integration with your applications.

Yes, Aadhaar masking API is customisable to meet specific needs, allowing for flexible masking processes tailored to your organisation’s requirements.

Aadhaar masking API supports various document formats, including JPG, PNG, PDF, and TIFF, making it versatile for different types of documents.

Yes, Aadhaar masking API can handle large volumes of documents in batch processing mode, making it suitable for organisations with high document processing needs.

Aadhaar data can be masked instantly at the point of document capture or in batch processing mode, allowing for efficient and secure data protection.

Yes, Aadhaar masking API can be used in various industries such as banking, telecommunication, insurance, gaming, retail, shared economy, and travel to enhance data security and customer trust.

To get started with an Aadhaar Masking API, you can contact our sales team. They will guide you through the integration process, custom pricing, provide documentation and support, and help you understand how to utilise the API effectively in your operations. If you’d like to do it try it before, you can create a trial account here.

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