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Voter ID OCR API allows for the extraction of voter information from Voter ID cards. The API takes a scanned image of the Voter ID card as input and then processes the image to extract the necessary data, such as the EPIC number and other details of the voter.Β 


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What is the Voter ID OCR API?

The Voter ID OCR API allows businesses to extract and verify voter information with ease and accuracy. By integrating this API into their systems, users can ensure that all essential voter card data is processed efficiently, eliminating the risk of manual errors from manual data entry and improving the reliability of the data. The API is designed for seamless integration, making it accessible to a wider audience without requiring extensive technical knowledge. With rapid data processing capabilities, users can expect faster results and a more efficient workflow, especially in time-sensitive applications.

Using the Voter ID OCR API is simple and straightforward. Users can easily send an image of the voter card to the API, which will then extract and return the data in a readable format. Whether the data is needed for electoral purposes, identity verification, or any other application, the API provides a reliable and accurate solution. With its cost-effective pricing and comprehensive support, the Deepvue Voter ID OCR API is a top choice for businesses looking for a dependable voter card data extraction service.

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Key Benefits of Voter ID OCR API

Quick Data Extraction

With rapid processing capabilities, the API promptly returns extracted data in a readable format.


The Voter ID OCR API offers a cost-effective solution for businesses seeking reliable voter card data extraction.

Identity Verification

The API aids in identity verification by extracting and verifying voter information from ID cards.

Reliable Support

Deepvue provides comprehensive support for businesses using the Voter ID OCR API, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Data Security

The API ensures the security of voter information during the extraction and verification process.

Pan India Service Location

The API covers a pan India service location, making it accessible to businesses across the country for voter ID validation.

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How does the Voter ID OCR API work?



Integrate the Voter ID OCR API into your system or application using unique API keys provided by the service provider.


Data Input and Request

Provide the scanned image of the Voter ID card to the Voter ID OCR API.


Data Extraction

The API will process the image and extract relevant voter information such as name, address, and voter ID number.



The extracted data is verified for accuracy to ensure the authenticity of the voter information or valid voter.



The verified voter ID data is provided in a readable format for further processing or verification purposes.

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Key feature of [Product]

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Seamless Integration

Easily integrate the Voter ID OCR API into your web or mobile applications for quick access to voter ID data extraction.

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Efficient Processing

The API processes scanned images of voter ID cards efficiently, providing extracted data in a readable format promptly.

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Cost-Effective Solution

Save on resources and time by utilising the Voter ID OCR API for streamlined onboarding process and identity verification process.

Use Cases of Voter ID OCR API Across Industries and Categories

  1. Electoral Processes: The Voter ID OCR API can be used in electoral processes to extract voter information from scanned voter ID cards then manual entry, ensuring accurate voter registration and authentication during elections.
  2. Identity Verification: The API can be used for identity verification purposes in various industries such as banking, e-commerce, and government services, where verifying the identity of customers is crucial.
  3. Government Services: Government agencies can use the Voter ID OCR API to streamline processes related to voter registration, authentication, and verification, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in delivering services to citizens.
  4. Financial Services: Financial institutions can utilise the API for KYC (Know Your Customer) processes, ensuring that customer identities are verified accurately and securely.
  5. Healthcare: In the healthcare industry, the API can be used for patient registration and identity verification, ensuring that patients are accurately identified and their information is securely processed.
  6. Education: Educational institutions can use the API for student enrollment processes, ensuring that student identities are verified accurately and securely.
  7. Transportation: Transportation companies can use the API for passenger verification, ensuring that passengers are accurately identified and their information is securely processed for ticketing and other services.
  8. Retail: Retailers can use the API for customer verification during online transactions, ensuring that customer identities are verified accurately and securely.

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Got Questions ?

Frequently asked questions.

A Voter ID OCR API use to extract data from scanned images of voter ID cards using AI Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

Using a Voter ID OCR API provides accurate data extraction, seamless integration into applications, rapid processing, cost-effectiveness, and comprehensive support for organisations needing voter card data extraction.

Integration of a Voter ID OCR API can be done by creating a free account with Deepvue and obtaining unique API keys from the account section and incorporating the API into your system or application.

The extracted data from the voter ID card is input into a Voter ID Verification API, which then queries authorised databases to validate the details of the voter ID.

Yes, a Voter ID OCR API can be utilised for identity verification purposes or proof of identity, ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of customer identities through voter ID data extraction and verification from government database.

Yes, the Voter ID OCR API is designed to be user-friendly, allowing easy integration into web or mobile applications for extracting voter ID data efficiently.

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