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Digilocker API

Simplify Your Document Verification with DigiLocker API Integration

DigiLocker API allows businesses to access and verify documents stored in a user’s DigiLocker account. It enables applications to request access to documents stored in DigiLocker, facilitating seamless document verification processes. This integration allows for easy retrieval and sharing of government-issued documents in electronic format, providing a secure and efficient way to verify documents.


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What is the Digilocker?

DigiLocker is a digital service provided by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India, under the Digital India initiative. It offers users a cloud-based account to access verified digital documents and certificates such as driving licenses, academic mark sheets, and more. Users can also upload scanned copies of legacy documents for safekeeping. DigiLocker simplifies document sharing and access, allowing users to authenticate documents online and legally use them as substitutes for the original ones if needed.

What is the Digilocker API?

DigiLocker API allows authorised entities, such as businesses, government agencies, and service providers, to access and verify documents stored in a user’s DigiLocker account. By integrating the DigiLocker API into their systems, organisations can streamline document verification processes, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure document authenticity. The API functions by enabling applications to request access to documents stored in DigiLocker, facilitating seamless retrieval and verification of various government-issued documents, such as Aadhaar cards, driving licences, educational certificates, and more.

The versatility of DigiLocker API extends across different industries, offering a myriad of use cases for businesses looking to enhance their document management processes. From banking and financial services to the healthcare industry, the DigiLocker API can be leveraged to streamline KYC processes, issue digital academic transcripts, securely share medical records, and facilitate policy issuance and claims processing in the insurance sector. By embracing DigiLocker integration, organisations can create a more secure and agile business infrastructure, automate verification workflows, and improve customer experiences in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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Key Benefits of Digilocker API

Streamlined Document Management

By enabling seamless access to stored documents, DigiLocker API simplifies document retrieval processes, saving time and effort for both individuals and organisations

Improved Authentication Processes

The API facilitates quick and accurate verification of documents, enhancing trust and authenticity in transactions and interactions.

Increased Efficiency in Operations

DigiLocker API integration helps organizations automate document-related workflows, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.

Cost Savings

By reducing the reliance on physical documentation and enabling digital sharing and verification, DigiLocker API integration can help businesses save on printing, storage, human error and administrative costs.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Offering a secure and convenient platform for document management, DigiLocker API integration can enhance customer satisfaction by providing easy access to essential documents anytime, anywhere.

Digital Transformation

By adopting the DigiLocker API, organisations can accelerate their digital transformation journey and move towards a paperless and sustainable approach to document management.

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How does the Digilocker API work?


DigiLocker Signup / Initiate

Once integration is done and the session is initiated, users need to sign up or sign in to the DigiLocker service. Existing users will be prompted to sign in with their PIN, while new users will be guided through the sign-up process using their Aadhaar Number and OTP.


Get Access Tokens

After successful sign-in with Aadhaar, users will receive access tokens that are required for carrying out further transactions and interactions with DigiLocker API.


Authenticate User Consent

Before retrieving any documents from a user's DigiLocker account, it is crucial to obtain consent from the user. Once consent is granted, the service provider can access and fetch the necessary documents for verification purposes.


Retrieve Verified Documents

Utilising the access tokens obtained earlier, businesses can now retrieve the desired documents from the user's DigiLocker account. This step involves following the API flow specified by DigiLocker to ensure accurate and secure document retrieval.


Verify and Utilise Documents

Once the documents are successfully retrieved, they can be verified for authenticity and utilised as required within the business processes. This could include identity verification, document sharing, or any other relevant operations.

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List of government-issued documents available on DigiLocker

The DigiLocker platform stands as a cornerstone in India’s move towards paperless governance, offering a secure and convenient online government directory for users to store and manage their official documents. This digital repository maintains a comprehensive list of government-issued documents that are easily accessible to the individual. The types of documents range from government IDs to report cards from educational institutions and encompass various forms of official paperwork from both government and private sectors.

Document Type


Government IDs

Aadhaar, PAN, driving licenses

Education Records

Report cards, academic certificates


Various public and private sector documents

Using the DigiLocker API, users and verification partners have the facility to retrieve a global list detailing all available documents within an individual’s wallet, including unique document URIs and issuing authorities. For efficient management and handling, strategies such as pagination or limiting retrieval to a specific number of documents are advisable. As a digital service platform for the issuance and verification of documents, DigiLocker service eliminates the need for physical documents, enabling paperless verification and ensuring the process remains precise and time-efficient.

Key Features of Digilocker API

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Real-Time Document Verification

The DigiLocker API enables instant and real-time verification of government-issued documents stored in a user's account.

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Secure Communication

DigiLocker API ensures high levels of security and data privacy during document verification processes.

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Seamless Integration

With Digilocker API documentation, it can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems, enabling streamlined document management processes.

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Enhanced Data Integrity

By facilitating secure document exchange, the API enhances data integrity and minimises the risk of unauthorised access.

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Efficient KYC Verification

Organisations can perform KYC verification quickly and accurately using the DigiLocker API, reducing processing time for verification services.

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Customizable Document Management

Users have the flexibility to customize their document storage and access preferences within the DigiLocker platform, enhancing user experience and convenience.

Enhancing Operations Across Various Sectors with Digilocker API


Government Sector

DigiLocker API can be used by government agencies to streamline document verification processes for services such as issuing licenses, permits, certificates, and other official documents. It can also facilitate seamless access to government-issued documents for citizens.


Financial Institutions

Banks and financial institutions can leverage DigiLocker API for KYC verification, document submission, loan processing, and other financial transactions that require document verification. This can help in reducing paperwork, enhancing customer experience, and improving operational efficiency.


Education Sector

Educational institutions can use DigiLocker API for verifying academic certificates, mark sheets, and other educational documents of students. This can simplify the process of document verification during admissions, job applications, and other educational-related processes.


Healthcare Industry

Healthcare providers can utilise DigiLocker API for securely storing and sharing medical records, prescriptions, and other healthcare-related documents. This can improve patient care coordination, data security, and compliance with regulatory requirements.


Legal Services

Law firms and legal services providers can integrate DigiLocker API for securely storing and sharing legal documents, contracts, agreements, and other confidential information. This can enhance data security, collaboration among legal teams, and client confidentiality.


Human Resources

HR departments in organisations can benefit from DigiLocker API for managing employee onboarding, document verification, background checks, and other HR-related processes. This can streamline document management, improve compliance, and enhance employee experience.

Above are only a few use cases, and the possibilities are endless with the Dilocker API, which offers a versatile and secure solution for document management and verification across various industries and categories, enabling organisations to improve efficiency, data security, and customer experience.

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Got Questions ?

Frequently asked questions about Digilocker APIs

DigiLocker API is a secure user consent driven platform that allows individuals to store, access, and share digital copies of their documents. Businesses should use it to simplify document management and verification processes, reduce physical document storage, and enhance data security.

Deepvue DigiLocker APIs generate a unique link for users to add the required files to their DigiLocker, which can then be automatically pulled into the system for verification purposes.

Using DigiLocker APIs can reduce onboarding time by up to 90% by eliminating the need for physical document submissions, enhancing efficiency and user experience.

DigiLocker APIs are easy to integrate and can be implemented in less than a day, requiring minimal effort from the development team to push them into production.

Yes, DigiLocker offers SDK support to simplify integration for companies looking to incorporate it into their web applications.

Key features include real-time document verification and storage, real-time document updates, and secure communication to ensure data privacy and security during verification processes.

Insurance companies use the API for seamless KYC procedures to verify customer identities and prevent fraud in compliance with regulatory guidelines set by authorities like IRDAI and SEBI.

Financial services can enhance due diligence processes, mitigate risks, and foster trust among customers by leveraging verification capabilities of  the API to safeguard against threats such as fraud, corruption, money laundering, and terrorist financing.

Trading platforms can validate customer details, conduct thorough due diligence, and adhere to regulatory standards by using the API to confirm the authenticity of customer-provided documents and gain insights into customer activities.

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