DigiLocker API

By leveraging the Digilocker API, businesses can enable users to access their digital documents from their Digilocker account within the developer’s application. This integration streamlines the process of document verification, eliminates the need for physical document submission, and enhances the overall user experience.

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What is DigiLocker API?

DigiLocker API allows developers to integrate the DigiLocker platform into their applications and services. DigiLocker is a flagship initiative of the Indian government that provides a secure and digital storage space for important documents such as Aadhar card, educational certificates, and many others. The DigiLocker API enables developers to access and use these stored documents in their applications, making it easier for users to manage and share their official documents seamlessly.

With DigiLocker API, developers can build innovative solutions that leverage the power of digital document storage and authentication, providing a convenient and secure user onboarding journey.

Key Features of Digilocker APIs

Verified Documents

The DigiLocker API allows users to fetch verified documents directly from issuers like UIDAI and the Income Tax department. This ensures that all documents obtained are already verified by the government, increasing credibility and safety.

Easy Integration

The DigiLocker API offers easy integration with extensive & easy-to-follow documentation, making it user-friendly for developers to implement into their systems.

Secure Access

To access DigiLocker through the API, users need to provide their Aadhar number, generate an OTP, and provide a security pin. This ensures secure access to the documents and information stored in DigiLocker.

Hassle-Free Retrieval

With the DigiLocker API, customers can easily retrieve their information or documents from DigiLocker without any hassle. This simplifies the process and reduces the overall processing time.

Reduced Turnaround Time (TAT)

By using the DigiLocker API, the processing time can be significantly reduced, leading to a faster turnaround time for various processes that require access to documents or information.

Compliance with DigiLocker Rules

The DigiLocker API ensures compliance with DigiLocker rules by providing a link to the DigiLocker page, where users can enter their details and choose to share their information with consent.

Minimal to Zero Chance of Error

The data retrieval process through the DigiLocker API is highly accurate and secure. As the data is obtained directly from DigiLocker, which is a government database, the chances of any error are minimal to zero.

Centralized Government Database

DigiLocker serves as a centralized government database for important documents and information. By using the DigiLocker API, users can leverage this database to access and retrieve their documents conveniently.

Reduces Operational Cost

Reducing administrative overhead by streamlining the verification process enables paperless verification.

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The document verification process using DigiLocker API

The DigiLocker API is revolutionizing the document verification process by offering instant access to verified government-issued documents. It adheres to stringent KYC compliance standards set by the RBI, ensuring secure transactions and aiding in the prevention of identity fraud. By fetching Aadhaar data directly, it validates the authenticity of documents and personal information with a government stamp of approval.

Here’s how the API simplifies the verification process:

  1. Provision of Individual’s Aadhar number.
  2. Generate and input a one-time password (OTP).
  3. Submission of a security pin for user consent.

Upon completing these steps, the API retrieves the required authenticated doc seconds, bypassing conventional delays and challenges. Integration is a breeze, mirroring the ease of digital service deployment, and checks off every item on your paperless verification wishlist.



Aadhar number

Identify and access records


Enhance security

Security pin

Confirm user consent

This seamless process not only accelerates the verification capabilities but also solidifies the vision of paperless governance, saving both time and physical storage space. The DigiLocker API is a true ally in the verification landscape, assuring the genuinity of documents with its reliable, swift service.

List of government-issued documents available on DigiLocker

The DigiLocker platform stands as a cornerstone in India’s move towards paperless governance, offering a secure and convenient online government directory for users to store and manage their official documents. This digital repository maintains a comprehensive list of government-issued documents that are easily accessible to the individual. The types of documents range from government IDs to report cards from educational institutions and encompass various forms of official paperwork from both government and private sectors.

Document Type


Government IDs

Aadhaar, PAN, driving licenses

Education Records

Report cards, academic certificates


Various public and private sector documents

Using the DigiLocker API, users and verification partners have the facility to retrieve a global list detailing all available documents within an individual’s wallet, including unique document URIs and issuing authorities. For efficient management and handling, strategies such as pagination or limiting retrieval to a specific number of documents are advisable. As a digital service platform for the issuance and verification of documents, DigiLocker eliminates the need for physical documents, enabling paperless verification and ensuring the process remains precise and time-efficient.


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Got questions?
Take a look at our FAQs below and get answers.

The DigiLocker API is a single api integration to enable developers to integrate their applications with the DigiLocker platform. It facilitates the secure storage, retrieval, and verification of official documents and certificates.

The Deepvue DigiLocker API offers features such as document upload, download, and management, secure access, and integration with government departments and organisations. It provides a centralised platform for accessing official documents.

Our APIs are very easy to integrate and can be integrated in less than a day and pushed to production to be used in a real environment with minimum efforts from the development team.

DigiLocker API implements advanced security measures, including encryption and multi-factor authentication, to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of stored documents. It provides a secure environment for users to store and access their official records and certificates.

Developers can integrate the DigiLocker API into their applications by following the easy-to-follow documentation provided. The API allows for seamless integration, enabling developers to create reliable and secure document storage and retrieval processes within their applications.

The DigiLocker API is useful in various use cases, including financial services for loan approvals and KYC verification, government services for document access and verification, educational institutions for certificate management, and more.

Yes, the DigiLocker API allows users to fetch verified documents directly from issuers like UIDAI and the Income Tax department, ensuring that all documents obtained are already verified by the government, increasing credibility and safety.

The DigiLocker API simplifies the document retrieval process by providing hassle-free access to documents and information stored in DigiLocker. It reduces the overall processing time, leading to faster turnaround for various processes that require access to documents or information.

Yes, the Deepvue DigiLocker API ensures compliance with DigiLocker rules by providing a link to the DigiLocker page, where users can enter their details and choose to share their information with consent. It adheres to the regulations set forth by DigiLocker for secure and reliable document management.

You can sign up for a free trial account with us, and upgrade to a paid plan to remove any limitations.

Yes, the Digilocker API follows industry-standard security protocols to ensure the secure transfer and access of documents. It uses encryption and authentication mechanisms to protect user data and documents.

Developers can create a trial account here to access the API documentation and obtain the necessary credentials for integrating the API into their applications.

The Deepvue Digilocker API supports a wide range of programming languages including Java, Python, PHP, Node.js, and more. This allows developers to integrate the API into their applications using their preferred language.

Digilocker supports any legal and government-issued documents such as PAN card, Voter ID card, Aadhaar card, driver’s license, vehicle registration certificates, policy documents, and student’s mark sheets.

There is no limit on the number of documents you fetch using the DigiLocker API. You can fetch as many documents as you require without the fear of any upper limit.