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What is ID Card OCR API?

ID Card OCR API extracts all the information from the ID card by scanning or uploading a picture in a matter of seconds, which accurately auto-fills this data in the correct fields for a quicker & errorless form-filling experience with a swifter customer onboarding.

How it works?

Scan's ID Card OCR solution extracts information from ID card by simply scanning the card or uploading a picture of it. Results are generated near real-time.


Our pre-built Document AI detects the presence of ID Card in the wild. Skewness, rotations and background noise is automatically detected and handled to detect the correct form of ID Card that needs to be processed.


With the help of our Deep Learning based OCR engine,’s OCR API extracts relevant information as key-value pairs.


Data points like Name, DOB, ID Numbers and Addresses can be verified with Verification APIs as well as can be used to automate form filling, report generation and swifter customer service.

Key Features

Scan & Extract

Upload ID card documents to extract the text out of the documents using our state-of-the-art OCR processing. You can extract relevant text fields from the same and then prefill as per your flow.

Detect Fraudulent documents

Detect fraud in case of any mismatch between the details in the document and details verified from the source.


AML/KYC Compliance Check

Comply with regulations and directives affecting your business. Meet Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements.

Prevent Fraud

ID Card OCR API saves any institution that has been and can be a victim of identity frauds

Comprehensive Process Handling

All processes are streamlined and independent to ensure confident outputs derived from numerous checks

Reduce TAT

Minimize time spent in manual form-filling.

Prevent Human Errors

Automated form-filling eliminates errors caused by manual entry of data.

Minimise Costs

Reduce back-end operations costs of manual entry and error-fixing.

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