Offline Aadhaar Verification

Verify and authenticate user identity with Offline Aadhaar Verification API

What is Aadhaar Offline e-KYC?

Aadhaar Offline is a secure and shareable document which can be used by any citizen for offline identity verification. Our technology seamlessly verifies the digital signature of the Aadhaar offline document and provides the parsed data along with the photograph.

How does Offline Aadhaar Verification work?

Provide Consent

Aadhaar Offline e-KYC being a completely 100 percent consent driven process, asks for consent from your customers. They can agree or disagree to continue at the initial screen.

Share Aadhaar Number

Your customers can provide their Aadhaar number to proceed with the verification.

Verify with OTP

Verify with an OTP sent to their Aadhaar-linked mobile number by UIDAI, to access a downloadable XML file with their Aadhaar details.

Realtime face match for liveness detection

The Aadhaar Offline document has Name, Address, Photo, Gender, DOB. The photo in the UIDAI Issued Aadhaar document is matched with customers' live photo or a selfie in real time to double check the liveness.

Key Features

End-to-End Automated and Secure

Completely Paperless, Automated, and Legally Compliant as per UIDAI guidelines.

Multi Factor Verification

Once the Aadhaar offline file is shared and signature verified, businesses can match the live face with the Aadhaar face to verify the identity of the customer beyond doubt.

Support for Multiple Platforms

Plug n play APIs and SDKs. You can integrate Aadhaar offline anyway that suits you best; on the mobile or server platform of your choice.

Customizable Per Requirement

Our pre-built screens can be easily themed as per your brand colours and language, and you can load these inside your app, or redirect your customers to the provided link via your website.


Extraction of Multiple Data points

Verify customer details such as Name, Address, Gender, DOB & Photo

Plug and Play Integration

Integrate the Aadhaar verification API in hours for Aadhaar verification

Real-Time Verification

You can verify Aadhaar details in less than 45 sec with our Aadhaar verification API

Compliant With Regulation

100 percent Compliant with KYC, AML, UIDAI and other regulations

Onboard Customers Faster

Accurately determine your user's identity in less than 1 minute

Completely Paperless

Removes any need for a physical document. Reduce paper and Save Trees

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