UPI Verification

The UPI Verification service enables businesses to create frictionless customer journeys during onboarding by verifying the name associated with a particular UPI or VPA ID, in real-time.

With Deepvue.tech’s UPI Verification API, you can quickly verify and onboard your users(or customers), merchants, or vendors in seconds without any hassle.

How to Verify UPI ID or check UPI ID?

UPI ID Check confirms the existence of a given UPI ID. If the UPI ID is valid, you will receive the customer name registered at the bank in the response.

As a business, the ability to Verify UPI ID comes in handy. The different use cases can be

At Deepvue.tech, we partner with multiple payments & banking service providers to enable your access to a wider range of financial networks and up-to-date, reliable data. We do all this heavy lifting so that you don’t have to.

UPI Verification & UPI ID Check Features

Real-Time Data Check

Valid UPI ID (or VPA) instantly gives you the bank account holder's name as registered in the bank. This way, you can be sure that payouts and disbursals are going to the Ultimate Beneficial Owner(UBO).

Comprehensive Range

All UPI addresses issued by public and private sector banks, as well as payment banks, are supported.

Easy Integration

Our Plug and Play UPI Verification API is quick and easy to integrate, helping you confirm the user's name at the bank account within seconds.

Strong KYC & AML Checks

By accessing updated data, you can compare the identity (KYC) details provided in the application form against the beneficiary name returned from the UPI API to validate the customers beyond doubt.

UPI ID Verification Benefits

Quick Integration

Integrate Bank Account Verification and UPI Verification in hours and do instant online financial verification.

Prevent Fraud

Updated data protects against identity fraud and incorrect/incomplete data.

Faster Customer Onboarding

Accurately determine your user's financial identity in seconds.

Scalable and Secure

A powerful API that integrates with your systems to automate verification. Get a response without exposing data to a third party.

FAQ: UPI ID or VPA Verification

Unified Payment Interface (UPI)

The Unified Payment Interface (UPI), also known as the UPI, is a payment system that allows users to make payments using their bank accounts. The Reserve Bank of India launched it in September 2016. The UPI enables faster, cheaper, and safer transactions than existing methods such as credit/debit cards or payment gateway. Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is playing a major role in promoting digital payments or online payments in India.

How Does UPI Work?

UPI is based on the concept of a Virtual Payment Address (VPA). A VPA is a unique identifier that is assigned to each bank account. The VPA consists of two parts:
1. An alphanumeric code
2. A check digit
The first part of the VPA is used to identify the bank account, while the second part is used to ensure that the transaction is being made to the correct account.

How does UPI ID Verification API work?

UPI ID Verification service provides instant verification of any given UPI ID(or VPA). This verification returns two important details -
1. If the provided UPI ID exists and is valid.
2) The name of the account holder as registered in the associated bank.

How much time does the verification take?

Deepvue.tech offers an instant way to verify any number of UPI IDs. Simply submit a request, and our API will give you a response right away.

What types of UPI IDs are supported?

We support UPI IDs associated with all public and private sector bank accounts as well as payment banks in India. Our strong payment and banking partner network help us create wide and reliable coverage of all different Virtual Payment Addresses(VPA).

How frequently is the data updated?

The UPI ID is verified in real-time with the associated bank, and even the newly created ones can be verified instantly. The data is always up to date and live.

Is there any limit on the total number of UPI verification requests per day?

No, there is no limit to how many UPI IDs you can verify in a day. You can use the API 24/7 to verify as many UPI IDs ( or VPA) as you need.

How does UPI ID Verification help during KYC?

UPI ID Verification service provides you with the name of the account holder registered in the bank for a valid UPI ID. During KYC, the user's name can be matched against the registered name at the bank to establish strong proof of identity.

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