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Accelerate Your Lending Journey With WhatsApp

Pre-qualify and offer loans to your customers on their favorite platforms via conversational lending.

Lending, simplified

Deepvue.tech does the hard work of connecting Messaging, KYC, Banking, and Financial Services APIs to simplify and streamline your customer journey.

loan journeys

Create customized lending flows with WhatsApp as per your business requirement to accelerate your customer journey.

Digital KYC

Authenticate your customers' Identity with Aadhaar, PAN, GSTIN, and Bank Account based real-time KYC checks.

Based Lending

Consume transactional history of your customers to enhance underwriting logic with Account Aggregators.

Conversational & Contextual Banking

Combine banking and messaging APIs to create a robust financial backend and engaging front-end for your customers.

Enable Credit Line for your customers where they are, not where you are

Lenders are working with companies for contextual & conversational banking in order to reach out to millions of users and borrowers with

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Get pre-verified leads and offer complete or partial loan application journeys.

Our pre-screening engine fetches and monitors customers' data to assess the likelihood of them paying back any loan you may offer. Combining it with your underwriting rules to determine if the lead meets your criteria for acceptance. If it does, we push the information to your LOS. All of this happens end-to-end digitally, in a few taps, and on platforms your customers love.

Loan Application

Customer starts the loan process in the lender’s chat window by surfacing their details.

Realtime Customer Identification

Customer confirms bank details, completes KYC, and register to avail the loan.

Credit Approval

Customer shares his or her bank statement digitally to the lender using account aggregators.

Loan Agreement

Once the customer accepts the loan offer, they sign the loan agreement digitally using OTP and the loan amount is disbursed to the customer’s bank account.

Loan Repayment

Post the money hits the customer’s bank account, the lender can collect loan repayments through UPI or payment links.

Integrate with your Workflow

Integrate with LOS, LMS, and CMS APIs of banks, spanning multiple products.

Frequently Ask Questions

NBFC Account Aggregators are RBI regulated entities that provide the infrastructure and platform for aggregating customer financial information on basis of a Consent. NBFC AA are the consent managers for customers sharing their financial data. The AA ecosystem is built on secure, interoperable APIs allowing customers, Account Aggregators (AA), Financial information providers (FIP), Financial information users (FIU) facilitate, exchange and access information in real time.

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