Merchant Category Verification

Use Deep Learning to identify Merchant Category Codes from Retail Stock Photographs of your merchants with’s Merchant Category Classification API

What is Automated Merchant Category Verification?

Automated merchant category classification is the automated process of identifying and classifying merchant stock images into their underlying categories for quick identification of merchant categories during merchant onboarding. Merchant category identification has traditionally been done manually by going through different stock photographs and identifying which category of merchant they can fall into. Automated Merchant category classification can improve productivity, save time and resources by automating this process with the help of Computer Vision and Deep Learning.

Currently, system is best trained to classify below top-10 most frequent merchant categories

How does Merchant Category Verification API work?

Call our API endpoint for merchant category classification

Call our API endpoint for PAN Card Digitization

Get the predictions

Get the fields as key, value pair json

Apply your business logic on top of predictions

Apply your business logic on top of predictions

Integrate with your workflow

Integrate with your workflow

Key Features

Accurate predictions

Call our API endpoint for PAN Card Digitization

Train using your own data

Get the fields as key, value pair json

No-code, flexible and easy to use

Apply your business logic on top of predictions

Customise according to your own categories

Integrate with your workflow


Minimise risk during merchant onboarding

The first step in reducing the amount of time is to reduce the time to access your data. Enabling PAN Card Verification Services to use our efficient PAN card digitization API which gives clean data in 15 seconds or less.

Quick TAT

With one click, validate PAN cards instantly and get access to taxpayers' names and categories as registered with National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL).

Manage purchase orders

Reduce verification time to zero with Optical Character Recognition enabled API and Save money & avoid human error while automating your manual PAN verification process

Redirect operations for more business-critical tasks

Round-the-clock uptime of services and the highest success rates for flawless business continuity at scale.

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