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What is PAN Card Verification API?

PAN verification allows you to cross-check the PAN details of any individual or business with government records. Now, PAN card verification APIs allow you to do the same instantly. With PAN-based e-KYC API you can get the best of both worlds which is, you can extract your customer’s PAN document or photo with our pre-built OCR engine and get the relevant information verified with issuers and sources.

How does PAN Card Verification API work?

Scan's PAN Card Verification API extracts information from PAN Card documents by simply scanning the card or uploading a picture of it. Results are generated near real-time.


With the help of our Deep Learning based OCR engine,’s ID Card OCR API extracts relevant information as key-value pairs.


Data points like Name, DOB, PAN Number are verified through PAN Verification API with IT and Govt Databases.

Run Multiple Checks With Single API

We will work our magic to scan, detect, extract and verify with one single API entrypoint.

Key Features

Scan & Extract

Upload PAN card documents to extract the text out of the documents using our state-of-the-art OCR processing. You can use extracted relevant text fields from the same and then prefill as per your flow

Instant Verification at source

Verify details from the Govt database with the PAN Number extracted from the scanned document.

Detect Fraudulent documents

Raise fraud in case of any mismatch between the details in the document and details verified from the source.

Accept ID Numbers

Enable your customers or partner businesses to enter their PAN number directly in place of the document itself.


Businesses And Individuals

Individuals, all public and private companies, proprietorship firms, trusts, and other registered businesses can be verified

Less than 15 Seconds of response time

Complete your customers KYC with our KYC solution suite under 1 min with a 15 sec or less PAN based e-KYC API

Prevent Human Errors

Automated form-filling eliminates errors caused by manual entry of data.

Faster Customer Acquisition

Real-time data extraction leads to instant onboarding and service

One-time, trouble-free integration

Our industry-leading API easily gets integrated with your existing workflows and processes

Private & Secure

Use of latest technologies to ensure your privacy and security. We do not sell, rent or share your personal information with third parties

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